Romans 12:1-2

So here's what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him. Don't become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God. You'll be changed from the inside out. Readily recognize what he wants from you, and quickly respond to it. Unlike the culture around you, always dragging you down to its level of immaturity, God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you. Romans 12:1-2

Saturday, June 23, 2012

On the Home Front - It's Been a While!

A peek through my window…. It is now officially hot for summer!  The last I checked it was 96 degrees.  Our neighbor’s crepe myrtle is blooming.  Can’t actually see it from my window, but just a few houses away, a neighbor is almost completely packed in their U-haul and we’ll have new neighbors next Friday.

What’s going on this week… camp, working in my new classroom, dates with Hubby, running workshop, projects at home, taking Aunt out someplace special as a belated birthday.

What “the boys” are doing… one is watching ultimate Frisbee on TV (I hope he’s packed for church camp) and the other is in his room with Hubby packing for Scout camp.

On my mind… a very different kind of summer, the best plans for the boys, getting ready for a transition.

On my bedside table… read three “Green” series books and started “The Quilts of Lancaster County” series – read one and have two more on my Kindle.  I read my “Daily 5” book and need to get “Café” to my bedside table so I can finish it soon.

I am richly blessed… to have had so much time away with friends and family, no cooking, no laundry, and seeing new and wonderful places.  On our cruise, Hubby lost a navigation system he had gotten as a graduation gift seven years ago.  He looked where he thought he left it and checked lost and found, but nothing.  I was sad for him, mostly for the sentimental value.  That was three weeks ago, and M. just found it in his backpack!  We were all so excited.

I’m praying for… Rosalie and my family – I had a cousin pass away today.

Our home…  is quieter and cleaner.  I cleaned for family coming, but now everyone is gone.  I’m fairly caught up on laundry and am starting to go through school things, so it’s about to get really messy!

Menu planning… leftovers tonight, out with small group tomorrow night, and then I have to figure out what to do with Monday – Thursday with both boys gone.

A photo or two…

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