Romans 12:1-2

So here's what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him. Don't become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God. You'll be changed from the inside out. Readily recognize what he wants from you, and quickly respond to it. Unlike the culture around you, always dragging you down to its level of immaturity, God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you. Romans 12:1-2

Saturday, October 29, 2011

On the Home Front - October 29

A peek through my window… S – 66 , M –70 , T – 76 , W – 70. There was still frost on the ground this morning when I walked J. in the park. I’m glad I got outta there quickly because a disc golf tournament was going to start and I didn’t want to have do any more ducking (or waiting).

What’s going on this week… wrestling parent’s meeting and will be traveling about 2 ½ hours away for a soccer game.

What “the boys” are doing… L has played two of three games of a soccer tournament. May have more games tomorrow if they win again. M. has been having “post concussive” symptoms. I feel terrible that I didn’t realize it sooner! Today though he had no headaches!

On my mind… our local McDonald’s has been closed for several months – not remodeling- they completely tore it down and rebuilt. It reopened today and starting at midnight, Big Macs are going to be a dollar. I don’t like Big Macs, but I’m going with Hubby and the boys just to make it a family outing. I’m thinking I should be taking a nap instead of writing this!

On my bedside table… I have a new book (fiction this time) on my Kindle (er, Hubby’s Kindle). I’m not giving away the title yet – I’ll be reviewing it soon.

I am richly blessed… I found exactly the new pairs of pants I needed today!

I’m praying for… an online friend’s daughter, Grandy, and my Bible study leader’s sister

Our home… smells like bacon. Well, now it smells more like pumpkins spice since I lit a candle.

Menu planning… I still need to do this. I have thought ahead to Taco Tuesday (or Thursday) and Soup & Sandwich Sunday.

A photo or two…
Everyday life...dishes are about as everyday as you get! Am still using the Idaho Potato Commission recipe for potato salad and it turned out great! I made this for when our small group served dinner at a senior housing community. That was a fun evening!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Multitutudes on Monday - October 24

768 He surrounds me and He lifts me up
769 My uncle
770 For 8 whole months of school, there is a nice break each month
771 Someone to talk to when I’m frustrated with being late again
772 FCA & Youth Alive
773 People wanting to help
774 It getting dark earlier so M. gets home earlier
775 We have food and a home
776 The Lord gives strength to his people. The Lord blesses his people with peace.
777 The Psalms are amazing
778 God will provide
779 Still love extra time in the morning with Hubby!
780 Sealants and a dentist who will bill you
781 Corn bags
782 Computers
783 Amazon and 2 day shipping when I’m running late
784 Having so much wrist and arm pain helps me empathize with others in pain and appreciate pain free times more
785 Fall Break
786 A recycling facility and help sorting it when we get there
787 Spirited cheers
788 Family resemblances
789 Laughter
790 Wow, look at all those stars!
791 Smelling new shoes – M’s crazy like for shoes – really having shoes is a blessing.
792 Dark clouds and thunderstorms
793 Safety in the storm
794 An email saying the football player who left in an ambulance will be ok
795 A coach whose first words after a tough loss were “Let’s pray for Preston.”
796 Free chick-fil-a
797 Fun tasting chili with M.
798 Since L. was one, we have lived near a park (four houses)
799 A front porch and a back porch

Saturday, October 22, 2011

On the Home Front - October 22

A peek through my window… S – 77, S – 79, M – 84, T – 82 This really is seeming warm for this time of the year. It is so nice though to feel the warm sun on my back when I walk! After these nice temps, the forecast is for mid to low 60s. Outside my window now is Aunt’s car. She’s here using our highspeed Internet!

What’s going on this week… stuff for the boys (written in next starter). We have one more day off for Fall Break. Aunt and I are going to do some more things at Dad’s but I’m not sure how productive it is really going to turn out to be. Hopefully, I will be subbing most of the end of the month (but I’d really like to be off one day at the end of the week to go out to lunch with a friend!)

What “the boys” are doing… M will be watching the World Series this week. L. has a night game Tuesday and a tournament starting Friday. M. will start wrestling Thursday (we got his shoes tonight!)

On my mind… M and I are getting ready to walk over to the Chili festival. I have been looking forward to this all week! (it’s a little on the warm side for chili, but at least it’s not raining like last year). I’m also thinking of the holidays. We’ll have a guest for Thanksgiving. For Christmas plans, we’ll be working on Toys for Tots inventory and then the big event. I’ve also been checking out some budget ideas for Christmas.

On my bedside table… the original intent of this starter was reading material, yet I am often reading elsewhere… I read some from the book our small group is reading, Primal. We’re to the section about loving God with all our mind. I reviewed a book, but had to read it on the computer because we could never get it on the Kindle! My most favorite of all reading is the Bible study in the Psalms I am doing. I’ve read in the Psalms and loved them many times over, but this is amazing!

I am richly blessed… I could write forever here. This week I was more faithful in writing in my 1000 gifts journal and it made such a difference in my outlook. I am so blessed that the earthly leader of our home is a Godly man who draws us to God’s Word and ways.

I’m praying for… Hubby and L as they are on a Scout campout with a quick trip to an away soccer game and then back to the campout.

Our home… Hubby moved our couch back to its more usual position. Home group won’t be here for a few weeks because of special events. It’s in a slightly different spot so everyone can see the TV (funny we even have one downstairs now – it’s used solely for home group video and sports). I was noticing though, it puts one person on the end right in front of the fireplace. How cozy! I hope it’s me!

Menu planning… Roast, tacos, chicken legs (but not for me of course – I don’t eat meat with bones. I’ve tried to from time to time and it just never works.)

A photo or twoM's spontaneous real laugh

Friday, October 21, 2011

Extraordinary by John Bevere

I chose this book primarily because of its name and the name relation to my blog. My husband had read a book by the same author and found it helpful. So, going into the book I was very hopeful. However, I received this book as an eBook and could never get it loaded on my Kindle (although I had been able to do it in the past). I decided not to let that spoil things and found the time to sit down at my home computer and read away. I am exhausted!

While Extraordinary had many wonderful points and wisdom for living the Christian life, that was in my opinion its downfall – “many”. There were too many topics covered for just one book. The whole first half covered some basics of Christianity and by Chapter 9 (which I felt was on of the best chapters), Bevere delves into holiness.

In Chapter 9, Bevere states “We are straying far from God’s heart because we are so influenced by our society. In so many ways, the church has become a subculture rather than what we are called to be – a counterculture.” I did appreciate this statement because it put into words what I had been thinking and feeling for quite a while. However, the book was lacking something. I just quite haven’t figured out what the something is. I would not recommend it to others.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Our Dog for Two Days

If you don't know these things about our family here goes....

1) We are a dog family 2) I wanted a dachshund and Hubby said we needed a big dog (well not exactly in those words)and 3) L wants a Yorkie Terrier that is at the pet store where he volunteers (poor thing has lived there a year and a half!)

A few weeks ago when I dropped L. off at Hubby's work so he could take him to practice, I happened to go out with Hubby to the van to get something. When we turned to go back inside there was a stray dog. Ugggh. No tags. Uggh. It was very friendly and skinny. Uggh. We took it inside and gave it water and Hubby left me to decide what to do. Uggh. I couldn't let the dog wander the city and get squished. Uggh.

I put it in the car and headed home. I stopped off at the above mentioned pet store to give them my sad story. They told me what a beautiful dog it was and loaned me a crate. I carried the dog in the house with J. jumping and nipping on my way to lock the dog in our bathroom. I let J. outside so new dog could roam around (mind you J. was barking the whole time outside!) Hubby was right (see number 2). This dog scampered across my living room! I'm not much on dog scampering - that's something squirrels do!

When our neighbors brought M. home from practice I begged them to take the dog for a few nights because of J. After checking with his wife, he called and said his daughter would take care of the dog. Yay! The next day we checked for owners, posted fliers, checked with the dog for a microchip. No avail.

The next day I took new dog back to Hubby's work. Someone had called and said if no one claimed the dog he would take it. Ok, without going into details or describing my fears - this wasn't someone I would "pick" if applications were being filled out. I prayed all day if God didn't want this to happen He'd bring the owner (or even someone else!) No answer and we handed new dog over. (If it's any consolation the guy did have other small dogs and children). Also my stray dog days are done.

A big thank you to the pet store, neighbors and Hubby! new dog for us and the yorkie is still at the pet store.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Capital City Soccer Tournament

Warning: Contains lots of pictures!

Aunt, L and I spent a great deal of time here during the first weekend of October...

Hubby and I have always enjoyed going to the boys' games and have enjoyed getting to know their teammates and other parents. I must say though, I am particularly enjoying this set of kids and it's been fun getting to know the parents too. Maybe it's because we've spent so much time together - practices, on the sidelines watching games, concession stand, tournaments... This picture is after the first game of the weekend.

We had about seven hours to kill before the next game so the three of us hit Downtown Little Rock. Specifically, I wanted to see the ducks at The Peabody.

On the way there, L wanted an explanation of what we were going to see so I told him the ducks sing and dance. Of course after they marched down the red carpet and into the fountain he said, "Is that it?". We managed to get him to pose for some pictures with us. I also let him know that I was going to do a blogpost, so he shouldn't be surprised to see himself so much here.

After The Peabody, we window shopped and checked out the Truck Vendor Fair. M. loves shoes, do you think he'd like these?

There was an awesome park along the banks of The Arkansas River.

This was my absolute favorite part of the afternoon.

We found wonderful chex mix and got some fresh green peppers and blueberry jam. We would have gotten much more if it weren't so far from home. I really need to check these out closer to home, I'm just afraid they won't compare!
It would have been wonderful to stay much longer...President Clinton was speaking at 4 (20 yr anniversary of his announcing running for president). Not that I'm a huge Clinton fan, but seeing Chicago would have been fun. Of course L. had to ask, "What's Chicago?" However, we went to the hotel for L. to rest and went back for the next game - another win and then out for pizza with the team (Aunt's camera was in the car).

In the next three pictures, I'm positive the second and third are of L. scoring. In one of the tournament games he got a hat trick!

The whole team played so hard and gave it their all!

Proud champions in their division!

We didn't get home until 11 Sunday night, but it was so worth it! L. wore his tournament shirt to school Friday AND today. Last night, I pointed out that he already wore the shirt on Friday and he responded, "But, it's clean Mom!" Of course, wear it then. No worries.

Multitutudes on Monday - October 17

756 Cooking show with a friend
757 These silly free pens from the bank that remind me of Mom
758 Transportation to and from school
759 A hug to say its all ok
760 Pictures of grandmother riding in her town’s parade
761 Walking three days in a row
762 A hardworking and encouraging Hubby
763 Warm sun and a cool breeze at the same time
764 Practicing
765 Answers to prayer
766 Lingering on a Saturday morning
767 A Bible study book of Mom’s – His grace

Sunday, October 16, 2011

On the Homefront - Oct. 16

A peek through my window… M – 81, T –66, W – 59, T – 63, F – 71. The grass still needs mowed -this really is kinda late to have to mow grass here. We still have a couple of houses on our street for sale. Every time I walk past I pray for them. One of the families I know and they are commuting. They did it for their daughter to graduate here, but she did so it's time to move on.

What’s going on this week… Wed. part of our carpet pad is getting replaced. Hubby decided that since I noticed some inconsistencies we should have it looked at (I’m not very observant). Glad to have that lifetime warranty. I’m looking forward to Fall Break – getting some things done, time with friends and just staying home all day one day.

What “the boys” are doing… almost asleep this very moment. Earlier I could hear Hubby tucking them in. They were quite “squirrely” and I saw it as a good opportunity for me to duck outta the bedtime routine.

M. tried his best to finish up a science crossword – I tried to help with a couple. I just hate it when we can’t find the answer in the book or Internet! M. enjoyed watching the last Rangers game and is excited they are in the World Series. He wildly swung his Rangers towel during the game and all.

L. scored a goal and had an assist in his game today. He is getting ready for a Scout campout. I am so thankful that Hubby has done all the campouts for the past two years. The last one in Texas with no flushing toilets was where my Scout camping days came to a screeching halt.

On my mind… I still don’t have a sub job for tomorrow and I’m really torn between knowing I really should be working since there’s a “break” this month and really hoping to have the day off. I’d like to read and review my next book, take some extended time in “Stepping Up” in prep for Wed. night and start filing in the office. I know our break will just fly by.

On my bedside table… Exactly what was there last week – the only movement has been moving my Bible and replacing it after reading.

I am richly blessed… I am so blessed to have all my needs provided and to have so many conveniences.

I’m blessed to hear L. practice Psalm 97 for the Dinner Theatre. It blesses me to hear the words over and over and to know he is learning God’s Word.

I’m praying for… Friend from small group – grandfather’s cancer is back and someone at church who was just diagnosed this week. My toenails are still painted teal – I remember to pray for a friend’s sister who is going through round 2 of chemo for ovarian cancer.

Our home… I’m enjoying the Lysol automatic soap dispenser that I won on a blog. I’m hoarding it in our bathroom – I don’t think the boys have touched it once or even know it’s there! Hubby planted the rose bush he received at the marathon. We plan to give it a little extra attention as we may get our first freeze this week.

Menu planning… Chinese Chicken morsels are prepped and waiting for me to broil tomorrow evening to put on top of rice. I’ll be home Wed. and can put a little extra time into making zucchini pizza (zucchini for the “dough”)

A photo or two

Monday, October 10, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays

743 Someone to share the load
744 No cavities
745 Sitting in Dad’s swing
746 He is sovereign
747 Practicing with L
748 Iron sharpens iron
749 When I was at CFA someone bought lunch for another person in military uniform
750 I saw someone who reminded me of my Dad today. He was the loud man in wranglers who was proud of his country and of his grandchildren
751 All the water droplets on the plants in the flower bed
752 The beautiful weather we are having makes it look and feel more like spring
753 Contrasts (spring/fall, green & growth/leaves falling, grey clouds/blue skies)
754 Beautiful shade of green
755 Seeing something I had not seen before

Sunday, October 9, 2011

On the Home Front - October 9

A peek through my window… M – 73 , T – 81 , W – 78, T – 77, F – 77. Outside now, besides dark is rain! So happy that it’s finally here. The front was reeking havoc with my sinuses and now maybe the rain will control the ragweed.

What’s going on this week… subbing four days, Taste of Home cooking show, working on Dad’s estate

What “the boys” are doing… football pictures, L will be running lots at practices because of the team loss today

On my mind… the ups and downs of hosting/leading a group and some upcoming family plans/decisions

On my bedside table… One Thousand Gifts – I reread it from time to time. “Country” magazine and a booklet about the second temple in Jerusalem. Honestly, my bedside table needs to be cleaned.

I am richly blessed… to have Hubby home and for him to be in the living room watching football with the boys – also in the midst of all he had to do to get ready to leave yesterday, he replaced my windshield wipers.

I’m praying for… Pastor Nadarkhani in Iran.

Our home… although laundry is somewhat done – we have a serious need for clothes folding and putting away. Clean clothes waiting to be folded are on the dining room table and the ones that are folded are either in baskets or on our dresser waiting to be put in the closet. To actually do it would just be too easy.

Menu planning… I have it written down – and it’s a really good thing I do because the only thing I can recall is tator tot casserole for tomorrow night!

A photo or two… I'm so proud of Hubby for finishing his first marathon (and with a great time!) He's the one in white holding the rose bush (Tyler Rose Marathon).

Thursday, October 6, 2011


It seems like so long ago that my friend since first grade, kg [check out her blog, she's a wonderful artist and right now has a post about pumpkin pancakes] and I met on a Wednesday to make salsa, but it was just a little over two weeks ago [now over a month ago]. I was looking so forward to this day because before the salsa I got to go to a Moms in Touch meeting for the first time.

The day did not disappoint. I love MIT! Afterwards, Kg and I laughed, chatted and worked together to create two different kinds of salsa.

The first had the usual (tomatoes, jalapeno and garlic) plus cilantro, onion and lime juice.

The second we cooked and it was pretty much just the usual.

Kg ended up mixing hers. We ate all ours pretty quickly. M wasn’t willing to try it and after L tried both he said “Disgusting”.

I didn’t think that at all, in fact, I thought it was pretty yummy. I’d do it again. Of course, the best part was making salsa with a friend.

I’m not posting a recipe because there are tons on the Internet. But, what about you, do you have a fav salsa recipe? What about making stuff from scratch? What kinds of food are cost effective to make at home? Salsa was definitely not cost effective. The next “from scratch” I’m considering is “granola bars”.

[I obviously wrote this a while back. In all my computer woes, it didn’t get posted and now the pictures are missing from the files! I decided to post anyway – I want to record the memory. Perhaps, I’ll find those pics and post them later.]

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

As Silver Refined

As Silver Refined, by Kay Arthur, is a must read for anyone who has ever been disappointed. That would be everyone, right? Arthur encourages us boldly and Biblically to turn disappointment into “His appointment” (notice the change of the “d” to “h” AND the space).

This book is not a light read and at times I felt bogged down in repetition. At one time I even said that this book was not for a new believer or one that didn’t intellectually reason well. However, that is silly for me to limit God! He can use this book to help anyone. It is not self-help, but every chapter draws the disappointed to Scripture and to the One who heals instead of leaving them spiraling into despair.

I read As Silver Refined with highlighter in hand and prayerfully. Now, I will return to the nuggets and digest the words more deeply as I use the companion Bible study that is included. There were three chapters on meekness and I believe it’s the best writing that I’ve ever read on the subject.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

Monday, October 3, 2011

One Thousand Gifts - October 3

Once again, blogging difficulites because of this silly computer switch! I give thanks anways! Check out A Holy Experience for more lists of blessings or just because it's beautiful reading that points to our Giver.

708 Winning soccer games
709 Trying Hard
710 Sweatshirts and jean jackets
711 Answers to prayer
712 A peaceful home
713 Working computer (amen!)
714 Getting to go to chapel while subbing
715 A dog to bless us for a few hours
716 FB from a friend who trusts me to pray
717 Apple butter
718 Heritage
719 Friends who share
720 Accomplishment
721 Change in behavior
722 Loaning of a kennel
723 Loaning of a home
724 A few moments
725 Candy ready for a homecoming parade
726 I can look up to the Lord
727 Music on my walk coming from I don’t know where
728 Creation singing His praise
729 The ducks, squirrels and other living things living their purpose
730 The clang of railroad cars
731 The dog is a blessing to the neighbors
732 Hint of autumn color
733 That color reflected in the creek
734 Every good morning, nod and hello
735 Smell of lumber from house being built
736 A weekend in Arkansas
737 Wins
738 A different way
739 Good building material
740 Walking around a farmer’s market with Aunt and L
741 Going to a different church when traveling and still feeling at home in the body of Christ
742 Ducks marching to fountain and getting in